1997 Native American Calendar signing

1999 Native American Calendar signing

Right to left:

Sonny Tate Nevaquaya; Edmond Tate Nevaquaya; Monica Hansen; David Eveningthunder; Dana Tiger; David Kaskaske; Mrs. “Doc” Tate Nevaquaya; Jerome Bushyhead; Vanessa Jennings; Brooks Henson; Cheryl Davis; Harvey Pratt; Merlin Little Thunder; R. W. Geionety; Gary Harrington, Calendar producer (front center).

Photo taken at Penn Square Mall during the annual calendar signing.

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  1. Could you please pass on a message to David Kaskaske. We have a small 2000 print which we love called “Vanishing Reflection.”

    I’m wondering if he could do something similar showing the majesty & strength of the buffalo and instead call it “The Return”? There is much rejoicing that they are growing in numbers and we find that all people want to reconnect with them in a new and healing way.

    Thank you in advance for sending this on to him.

    Kathy L.

  2. Open minded and listening to voices from inside, I heard someone else too… all comes in to me but all from wishing that all hear it, i just share it and do it… not the best way but my way. I’m ok with me since I’ve found the path where i come from.. and that’s the red way.. the love of it…. I’m supposed to be with, i can dance like a black, but the real thing is I think like the heart… and its red… we all have it! Thanks to you… who took time, like me, to read it… we made it! Never forget it… we all part of it… and it’s words, its sounds, will be ever in sight!

  3. I was inspired by native like all of us anyway…I’m crazy like the horse in this upside world. but some of us will say that they are in an insane world.. yes I agree… its is an insane world.. now to see clear it’s easy… find both sides black or white, its the chess game, the love remains in the same places .. its in hearts who contributes to it all.. we all have the same color when we born… to live in this wonderness, sometimes wilderness… we all come from consciousness… we all start from there and finish there… my name is you! If i love you, i love me too! Its the way to start before its finished! SC

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