Doc Tate Nevequaya

Hear the Voice, Feel the Music, Experience the Dance

Hear the Voice, Feel the Music, Experience the Dance
by Cheryl Davis 2004

This was created as a tribute to three great men who not only touched my life but continue to touch the lives of many others through their works, words, and gifts.


George “Woogie” Watchetaker

2/29/1916 – 5/27/1993 Comanche


Jerome Bushyhead

(Coyote Walks By)

9/12/1929 – 4/15/2000 Cheyenne


Joyce Lee “Doc” Tate Nevaquaya

7/3/1932 – 3/5/1996 Comanche

Woogie” was known as a spiritual leader, world champion dancer, rainmaker and artist. He danced before Congress, Presidents Roosevelt, President Truman and the Queen. He had a unique style, impacting all who saw him dance. His art told the “old stories.”

Jerome” touched our world as a lecturer, a radio and television producer/host and director of the State Fair Indian Program. As “a voice” for Native Americans, he helped to fight for feather rights in 1974. His gift of painting was nationally recognized.

Doc” blessed our world with his flute music, paintings, dance, lectures and prayers. Declared an Oklahoma and National Treasure, Doc gave much to help others. His music and art touched the soul. In 1970 Doc and Woogie danced before the Queen of England.

They were always ready to share themselves with “all” people. Their spirits live on and their examples remind us to always be giving of ourselves. If you were blessed to know them, please share your special memories of them, so they can continue to bless others as they remain in our hearts and bless us.

More Stories Posted Soon!

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  1. In 1993, when I was 15 years old, I attended a Native American pow wow with my family in Louisiana, where I live. There I purchased a cassette album titled “The Master”. I listened to it a lot and purchased my own flute. It wasn’t until 2008 that I picked up that flute again, and began to play, prayerfully. Just today I found that album cover which I had saved; I had lost the tape long ago. I was hoping to find some of his music.

    I love the sound of the Native American flute! There has always been a part of me that wishes I was a Native American.


  2. Julie, Thank you for writing and visiting my site. Check these links out:

    Comanche Flute Music (1979): Doc Tate Nevaquaya CD – F-4328 asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=2109 – 46k –

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