A Gift from France! A “Rez!”

On September 8, 1997, a distinguished City Official of Mairie de Sauveterre-de-comminges of France, Departement de la Haute-Garonne, symbolically presented to me and others (humbly standing in as representatives for all Native American tribes) a small portion of land for the Native American Tribes of America. (Ahhhh…, I know what you are thinking! Ha!……Fortunately, we are “not” all going to be required to move there! This was only symbolic!) Seriously though, it was a meaningful, memorable ceremony. It was a heart-felt gesture and the villagers & officials could not have made us feel more welcomed. I was given the great honor of designing a special, symbolic flag which we, in turn, presented to them. The beautifully hand-made flag was sewn by a seamstress from Oklahoma. We raised that flag, during the ceremony, atop an ancient stone tower which stands at the peak of a beautiful grassy hill overlooking the “officially deeded plot of land” & all the surrounding pristine villages. I will be posting photos on a later day of the ceremony and the flag presented, along with more detail of that ceremony & our stay in this enchanted village located in Southern France at the foot of the beautiful Pyrenees Mountains.

The following is a rough interpretation of the letter presented to us on that occasion by a French friend of mine who struggles a bit with her English:

Departement de la Haute-Garonne
Republique Francaise Le 8/9/97
Mairie de Sauveterre-de-comminges of France

Monsieur le Maitre de ceremonie,

Our assembly meeting for September 8, 1997, takes place in Sauveterre-de-comminges, on the plot 711a Section I, where Mr. Lellaine made the symbolic gift of land in the presence of representatives of different American Indian Tribes and of numerous inhabitants of our commons.

With Our Greetings,

Jean Dilhan

In addition to the letter, we were each presented with “a small jar of soil from that symbolic gift of land” to bring home with us. They placed a plaque in the middle of this “deeded reservation” upon which was written the names of numerous tribes. The people of this region were so hospitable and welcomed us with open arms. We made many friends and thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. More details will follow about our stay & the people we met.





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