Woogee was friend to all…

He who wishes to accept & serve others…

will never be without friends.

Woogee had this incredible warm presence about him.  When he walked into a room, it didn’t matter how many people were there.  You always felt like he was there to see you.  People were drawn to him.  I remember walking through the airport with him, on our way to Florida to the Seminole Festival…  he was rather short in stature, but it was like I was walking with a giant.  All eyes would turn to him as we passed and he would make a point to speak to everyone.  He was always friendly and open to talking to anyone, no matter who they were.  I think he truly enjoyed people and was always very accepting of them.

He never seemed “old” to me.  I remember at one of the calendar signings, he came walking in with a boom box under his arm.  He walked over to his table, plopped it down, plugged it in and “cranked it up!”  He looked over at me, grinned and said, “I like Rock-n-Roll!”  He was so funny!

He told us a story one time about his truck….  he said a guy asked him, “Hey Woogee…. what would you do if someone stole your truck?”  Woogee said, “I’d run after him and yell – Hey!  Come back!  You forgot your wife!”  He had a good sense of humor.

He would always compliment you when he saw you… tell you you looked beautiful or something like that.  He used to tell Laura (Jerome Bushyhead’s wife at that time) that she looked beautiful and had “curves“…. and she said if she gained a little weight and ran into him, he would say “Hey, Laura, you’re one big curve!”  Ha!  He could say things like that and get away with it.   When Woogee passed on, Laura and I agreed that it would never be the same.  We said to each other, “Who is going to tell us we are beautiful now….

Woogee had a special spirit about him.

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