My favorite toy…

My stuffed monkey, with banana…one of my very favorite toys @ the age of about 3 years old.


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Little Smoker

Me @ about 2 years old, smoking my little candy cigarette & reading the newspaper.



Remember those little sugar candy cigarettes? The tip was red like it was lit?  They came in a little cigarette pack with a flip lid, just like real cigarettes.  Pure sugar!  They were so good!  My parents never smoked cigarettes, but they would buy these for us.  Did they ban those things?   They most likely did, making them “illegal” to market to kids these days…  I wouldn’t buy them for my grandbabies!  Now… I know I look like a natural here but I’m a non-smoker & encourage everyone to please be kind to their bodies!   “Smoking cigarettes & healthy living just don’t mix.” 

By the way… notice the early artwork I am holding!  I can never remember not drawing!  One of my granddaughters’ is a little artist already.  This was a piece of art she did at age 2 yrs & 1mo old.  Notice the detail which is very unusual for a 2 year old.  You should also know that she drew it UPSIDE DOWN which she did quite often!  She also would draw the stuff on the left with her left hand and then draw the stuff on the right with her right hand.  She was born with a passion for drawing!


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