Photo of me with R. W. Geionety and Laura Bushyhead at a show


Lots of “good times” have been shared at the shows.

R.W. is an extremely talented artist and good friend.

Laura Bushyhead… always sweet, supportive and someone I called “mom.”

Photo taken 11-23-1996


Tulsa Indian Art Festival poster (Sample of R.W.’s work)

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  1. I have come across some original prints by RW Geionety. They are in the original frame and matting. A note on the back states they were originally purchased in 1965.

    Each painting is a single American Indian dancer. They are my pride and joy. I was wanting some more information on them and the artist. I have been unable to find anything in my own search.

  2. I have a number of Native American paintings by an artist named Geionety. Excellent work. But is these the same artists? My artwork was painted in the seventies. Father and son?


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