The Gifts

We come into our own when we can “clearly” see

 the gifts our parents and elders have been for us.

Embrace It.

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When we respect and protect our levels of truth, the truth heals on many levels and to great depths.

Honor your truths!

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Princess Di

I remember well when Princess Di died.  I arrived at the Paris airport the morning of her death.  My husband and I had flown to Europe for a series of art shows throughout Germany.  We were going to spend a day or two in Paris, rent a car and then meet up with the other artists and dancers at our next scheduled show.  I immediately became aware that something major had happened.  You could sense it in the air.  I passed a newspaper stand and saw the headlines.  I still have the two newspapers I bought that morning.  I will never forget how somber and shocked everyone seemed.  It was very sad.  You could see how much she was loved.

The airlines had lost one of our luggage bags.  Because we could not leave without it, we enjoyed Paris as we waited for the bag to be located and returned to us.   At the hotel we watched the non-stop television coverage of the wreck and the remembrances of Princess Di.   It’s always amazed me how much you can understand even though others may speak in another language.  I don’t understand much French, but I understood the coverage very well.

We missed the first group art show but met up with everyone on the second one.  It was a great trip and we met some wonderful people.  But I will always associate that trip with the passing of Princess Di.

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