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For a time, I enjoyed designing jewelry for GBK International Group. The collection carried the name “Santierra Jewelry” and was featured in the Coldwater Creek Catalog & Store (sample below of one of their issues). The above brochure  displays a sampling of the jewelry we marketed.


I had the pleasure of visiting Coldwater Creek in beautiful SandPoint, Idaho and was given a tour of their incredible headquarters.  They were very gracious and I enjoyed meeting them in person.  If you have never visited SandPoint, it is definately worth the trip and when you are there, make sure you go by and say hello to the nice folks at Coldwater Creek!  (

Some pieces are still available. If you are interested,

please inquire by emailing me @

or check out my catalog of items (not all designs are posted yet)


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Your biggest obstacle is your greatest blessing!

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When Bad Things Happen

When negative things happen…

accept that there is a lesson to be learned!

You are at the place you should be at that moment in time.

And, with time, the purpose will be reveiled to you.

Unless you experience the valleys…

You can never totally appreciate the mountain tops.

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Nothing is as simple… or as complicated as it seems.

Strive to accept things as they are… and as they come to you.

Remember that life is simply for living.  And for living fully.

“Existing” is a gift.

Relax.  Breath.  Enjoy.  Embrace.  Love.

And know that the pleasure is not in “what you find at the end

but is in the journey itself.”

We are here for only a brief moment in time. 

Don’t miss your journey! 

Absorb each moment… each are a gift from the Creator.

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