Tommie Harris is a WARRIOR.

Tommie Harris Wants to Stop Gun Violence

NFL teams don’t usually take stands on controversial issues, so it was a little surprising to look at the Chicago Bears’ official web site today and see that the main headline is “Harris on a Mission to Stop Gun Violence.”

The accompanying article, about Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris, says he was moved to act after watching TV news accounts of Chicago Public School students who were shot and killed:

“I have a love for children and that really hurt me to see,” Harris said. “It’s sad to know that a young person doesn’t get a chance to live his life out. I feel if more people can voice their opinions or get stuff done, then a change will come.”

Harris is encouraging those who live in neighborhoods that are plagued by gun violence to email his foundation at to offer their input about how he can help.

If none of that sounds to you like “taking a stand on a controversial issue,” you have to understand the extent to which the National Rifle Association opposes famous people who support common-sense measures to curb gun violence. Panthers quarterback Vinny Testaverde and former NFL players Keyshawn Johnson and Doug Flutie are all on the NRA’s list of anti-gun celebrities for no reason other than speaking out in support of efforts to prevent gun violence.

Harris can expect to be added to that list. Good for him.

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A personal note from Cheryl: I will be writing more about Tommie. He is someone very dear to my heart. And just know this about Tommie. He’s the REAL DEAL!

If used for the right purpose, guns are not a bad thing. Native Americans and others have used firearms to provide food for their people for years. I grew up around guns because I belong to a family that hunts. My grandfather was a dog trader & trainer. He trained top-of-the-line hunting dogs and people traveled long distances to buy dogs from him for hunting. And my grandmother hunted more than my grandfather ever did. It put food on the table. Guns were common place in my life. So, having been raised around guns, I have always had a healthy respect for guns and knew their danger from an early age. I know how to use guns properly and have been through training. I believe in the right to bear arms. Our country was built on that right. So don’t even try to take my gun away from me… I want to maintain my right to have a gun, thank you very much. But I also believe in trying to keep guns out of the wrong hands. This may be naive of me, but I can see people in the public spotlight uniting in some way with the NRA, finding common ground and solutions to the violent world our kids are growing up in. Perhaps Tommie can help initiate this. Too many are dying too young. Let’s find the answers together, be it more extensive education, compromised regulation or alternative programs of engagement for our youth that help build character and open up their horizons… and hopefully “together” we can bring an end to all this unnecessary violence.

Please visit Tommie’s website at to find out more about how you can help support his foundation! Let’s all get engaged to help make this world a better place! Our kids are worth investing in!


Eyes of Hope by Cheryl Davis © 1988


When you look into the eyes of a child,

you see… the Creator.


See that you do not look down

on one of these little ones. For I tell you

that their angels in heaven always

see the face of my Father in heaven.

Matthew 18:10

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