Why Am I Posting Football Related Items on a Native American Art Blog?

1. I love Football. It exactly equals my love of Art.

2. Football is a necessity of life. Neither man, nor I, could exist without some of the basic necessities of life: water, food, faith and football.

3. Playing football IS an Art, so therefore qualifies as art related!”

4. Simply speaking – IN A NUTSHELL: Tommie Harris, a Defensive Tackle for the Chicago Bears is my favorite all-time player (…along with the very awesome godfather of NFL football, Brett Favre…). Tommie is also one of my favorite people in the entire world. He is the MASTER SACKMEISTER and therefore deserves this recognition for his contribution to the sport I love.

5. My football posts will mainly be related to Tommie Harris because he is “family,” adopted in the Indian way, and I want to share what a special person & player he is. I want you to know more about him and that there is much more to this guy than just football.

6. Most importantly, I want to share, support & promote the Tommie Harris Foundation which is an extremely worthwhile cause, dedicated to raising funds for the purpose of inspiring hope, enriching kids lives and building a better future for our children. The Tommie Harris Foundation supports worthwhile organizations such as Feed The Children, Boys & Girls Clubs, Prevent Child Abuse America and many more youth enrichment programs. You can learn more about Tommie’s foundation at www.TommieHarris.com.

7. Because it is my blog and I get to talk about what I want to talk about. ;=)

8. And finally, because I know that the more you know about Tommie Harris, the more you will be blessed. And my goal with this Art Blog is for you to be blessed!

Boomer Sooner! GO BEARS! And thank God for good family, art and pow wows in the off-season summer months which help keep my mind busy and off the fact that there is NO FOOTBALL to watch.

TOMMIE HARRIS Defensive Tackle Chicago Bears #91





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