A Father’s Song “No Tears” by Rick Wallace


I have posted this in Honor of the Sacrifices of:

Sgt. Brandon Wallace, who made the ultimate sacrifice; the special Gold Star families; my brother-in-law, Hugh Vertrees (U. S. Army, Viet Nam) & to all Viet Nam vets to whom I say, Welcome Home soldiers Thank you for your service; my courageous nephew, Richard Vertrees (Baghdad, Iraq, Army Military Police) & all our troops currently serving; my father, Dave Wilson (U.S. Navy-Guam; Air Borne, Early Warning Squadron One, Hawaii); Corporal J. D. Meadors (U.S. Army); my husband’s father, Norman Davis, Sr. (U.S. Air Force-Germany); my dear friends, James O’Leary (U.S.N., Purple Heart Recipient, Beirut) & Larry Henderson (U.S. Army); my dear uncle, J. N. Wright (U.S. Air Force-England); Thomas Clifford “Cliff” Bland, Jr., Captain (U.S. Air Force, Gulf War hero who made the ultimate sacrifice.) & Cliff’s father, Tom Bland, who is, and always will be, dear to my heart; John M. “Jack” Morgan (Gulf War hero who made the ultimate sacrifice) & Jack’s very special mother; the compassionate and dedicated Kiowa War Mothers & the warriors they’ve served – both past and present who hold a special place in my heart; the courageous World War II Code Talkers such as Woogie Watchetaker’s brother, Comanche Code Talker, Charles Chibitty (who, at the time of his passing, was the last of the Comanche Code Talkers); & all warriors of freedom who are currently serving or have previously served our nation in peace-time and war-time, along with their families & friends who have also personally sacrificed much for the honor & protection of our nation and its people.

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ABOUT THEM: On April 14, 2007, Sgt. Brandon Wallace was killed in Fallujah, Iraq when a road-side bomb detinated near his humvee. While searching for a way to bring comfort and healing to those that knew him, miss him and loved him, on October 3rd, 2007, inspiration struck. “No Tears” came about in a moment of divine inspiration. It started with a couple of phrases penned on an envelope and quickly escalated into melody and lyrics that we believe will bring comfort, healing, and hope to the listener.

In that same week, Brandon’s uncle, Randall Wallace, while at work, wrote the words to “Always Felt Your Love”. These words, he felt, was inspired also, and soon turned into melody and song. We believe that this song also will bring comfort, healing, and hope to the listener.

The song “Hold On” was written by Rick Wallace for his son, Sgt. Brandon Wallace while he was still serving in Iraq. Although Brandon never got the chance to hear it, we believe these words will bring encouragement to other men and women all over the world.

This CD is in honor of “OUR HEROSgt. Brandon Wallace
In memory of all Fallen Heroes around the world
Dedicated to all Gold Star families & those still serving in Uniform

Posted @ http://www.rickandlisawallace.com on: 4-14-07
Sgt. Brandon Wallace

Brandon’s Great Grandfather – WWI

No Tears
I was watching from a window in Heaven
You seemed so close yet so far
I could see teardrops falling that you shed for me
I saw you crying, calling out my name
I wanted to hold you, tell you I’m OK
No tears will fall in Heaven
Teardrops aren’t welcome up here
No tears will fall in Heaven
There’s no sorrow, there’s no pain
God wiped my tears away
I was walking down the streets of Heaven
I was singing with the angels round the crystal sea
I was dancing on streets of gold when your memory came to me
I wanted to tell you, though you couldn’t see
All the shakels are broken now and I am free.

Lyrics-Rick and Lisa Wallace
ASCAP All rights reserved

Brandon, with his sisters Rachel (left) and Sarah
Always Felt Your Love

From the cradle to my first memory
When you felt my first hug
When I sat up on your knee
When you said “no”
And I said “why”
You said “just because”
Through the years, smiles, and tears
I always felt your love

I always felt your love
It helped me rise above
In troubled lands across the sea
Your love carried me Above
I always knew I never walked alone
Through dangers, snares, and trials
I knew this world was not my home
I shed that earthly vessel
That lies beneath that chiseled stone
Now this glorified new body
Dances round my Saviour’s throne.

Lyrics-Randall Wallace
ASCAP All rights reserved

Sgt. Brandon Wallace

Hold On

Hold on Just hold on
Be strong Just be strong
Hold on Just hold on
Be strong Just be strong
Hold on though the waves rage high
He will be your anchor
He will calm the storms of life
Be strong, though you’re growing weak
He is your strong tower He will be your strength
Hold on Just hold on
Be strong Just be strong
Hold on Just hold on
Be strong Just be strong
They may throw you in the fire
And bring you fear and doubt
He was the fourth man in the furnace
I know that he will bring you out
He is the Lion of Judah
See the battle is not yours
So shout with a voice of triumph
Come on and shout unto the Lord.

Lyrics-Rick Wallace
ASCAP All rights reserved

TalkingWithHeroes.com – Rick wrote a song in memory of his son, Sgt. Brandon Wallace who died in the Middle East (April 14, 2007) called “No Tears”. Rick and Lisa have written two… http://talkingwithheroes.com/product _info.php?cPath=47&products_id=364

Parable Christian Store
1716 Missouri State Road, Arnold MO 63010

END of POST @:http://www.rickandlisawallace.com


“What a beautiful tribute to your son, Rick & Lisa.
May God bless & keep you all. And may the blessings
you have sent out to others come back to you 10-fold.


I will be posting more about Comanche Code Talker, Charles Chibitty
(brother of my dear friend, George Woogie Watchetaker).
I will also be writing more about the Kiowa War Mothers.
Please check back!

Vision of Victory… My Tribute By Cheryl Davis
Vision of Victory… My Tribute
by Cheryl Davis © 1991


Some Gave All – All Gave Some

In Honor they came, In Honor They Gave

In Valor, For Purity, For Justice.

Our Hero’s of Desert Storm

To every life, my life is true until victory. Until there is no enemy…
Only Peace.
Written by Cheryl Davis © 1991


“Greater love hath no man than this,
that he would lay down his life for another

John 15:13

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  1. “May God Bless You… All That Have Given So Much Of Themselves For Our Freedom. My family wishes God`s blessings on all our boys, girls and families… Love and Prayers. (I must have This CD. I found myself in tears praying for all our families. A special thank you to the Williams family for the beautiful songs that they’ve shared) Wishing for you the strength God gives each of us… Love From Jefferson City, MO

  2. I was watching Fox News this morning and heard about the song. I immediately looked up the lyrics. It gives me comfort to know that our son, John, is looking down on us. We lost him almost 8 years ago from an auto accident from the fog. He was just a kid just turning 17. He was struggling with his identity as most teens do at that age but you see we adopted him as an infant and he had special issues. I know in my heart he would have made a good man and possibly joined the military since my Dad was in the Army air corp, and Air Force. We are thankful for this beautiful song. I too asked God to give me a sign for years. I’m a Christian and I know he ‘s in Heaven but I still, after all this time, asked for a sign that my baby is alright. Now I have it. This is my sign from God. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart. My prayers are with Rick & Lisa and their family at this heart breaking time. Their lives are changed forever. I say hold on to each other, hold on to God. Sincerely, Vickie A.

  3. I have been keeping our guys and gals in my prayers everyday since the wars. My son was in the air force but then decided to go into the army about 2 yrs. ago. I prayed and I worried that he would never have to go. he is now in Iraq with the 101 Airborne. he is LT. Adrian Monzingo; and I am very proud of him; but I haven’t stopped worrying and I am searching for peace. i don’t think anyone can fully understand what parents like rick and Lisa Williams have gone through, unless perhaps you may be facing it yourself. my prayers go with them and their tribute to their brave son has moved me to tears and expresses everything I think and feel. I pray that God looks after all those that are still on the battlefield and their parents and wives and children left behind. I pray for my son and all the others to ‘just hold on’. I believe God takes care of us all and our precious sons and daughters that are with him are the best of us. We will never forget them and always remember them with their little child’s hands in ours. We can’t always go with them wherever they go but our love is always linked forever. God Bless the Williams for the gift they have given their son and sharing it with all of us. I am sure it will be of great comfort and inspiration to many. Sincerely, Cheryl C.

  4. Rick and Lisa, your songs have blessed me and my family over and over again. I have purchased about 30 “No Tears” CD’s Thank you for all you have done.
    Prayers,God Bless

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