Roy Ramirez on Jerome’s Gift of Creativity

Roy asks: “What is it with gifted and talented people? What an amazing gift they have, to be able to visually express their ‘minds’ interpretations of life.’ A gift that is so amazing to us mortals who are not creative in this way! To think that anything a gifted artist creates is ‘less than acceptable genius,’ doesn’t register with me.

There were a number of times, when I’d visit Jerome at his home in El Reno, Oklahoma, that I’d find him in his ‘designated studio space.’ He’d be sitting there… just staring at a piece of artwork ‘that I found to be awesome!’ I’d ask what he was up to and he’d answer with something like “wasting time, from what I can see.

Another time, as I walked up the steps of his porch, I noticed an absolutely powerful painting he’d finished and left on the porch. I was guessing that he’d left it out to dry or something. So, I asked Jerome what the deal was with the painting he had left outside. Without so much as a slight hesitation he said, “Oh, that’s just junk, I was experimenting with a new medium, and I tried painting on a piece of Masonite.” Well, being the junk collector that I am, I quickly asked if I could claim what I thought to be a beautifully created piece of art. He said, “Sure, bring it in and I’ll sign it for you”. That ‘piece of junk’ became my treasure.

Today, many are awed when they enter the Thunderbird Casino at Concho and see the painted ceiling by my friend, the great Jerome Bushyhead. Artists like Jerome are such a strong part of our world.

It was an honor to see Jerome Bushyhead in moments of his creative genius. His gift of art remains to bless us all.”

“Indian Night Song” by Jerome Bushyhead

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