Tommie Harris To Prove He Can Dominate? You Can Count On It!

Cheryl says,”Tommie told me he’s feeling good!

He’s ready for a great year and I know it ‘absolutely… positively’ will be a major clutch year for him!”

Tear it up, Tommie! You are in our prayers, as always!

We love you.

Psalm 18:1-2, 20-42

In this July 30, 2006 file photo, Chicago Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris waves to fans during the team’s evening practice at football training camp in Bourbonnais, Ill. Harris says the talks that led to his four-year, $40 million contract with the Chicago Bears were businesslike and “classy.” Speaking at a news conference Friday June 20, 2008 at Halas Hall, the defensive tackle said he and Bears management kept negotiations private in reaching a deal that will keep him with Chicago through 2012. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File)

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BOURBONNAIS – With Tommie Harris, it can be hard to pick which trait stands out the most.

Harris is earnest and passionate. After several of the Bears’ most disappointing losses last season, he was the one who went around the locker room telling various team­mates to stay positive.

Harris is playful and witty. He knows when not to take his job too seriously, a rare trait indeed in the NFL.

Someone recently asked Harris about training camp, for example, probably expecting a stock answer about how it helps forge toughness and solidarity.

“You go from a nice big ol’ house to sharing showers and having stalls and having to see dudes’ feet underneath while you’re trying to handle your business,” Harris said. “Training camp is an amazing place to be, man.”

Harris is rich. He signed a $40 million contract extension last month that runs through 2012. The $10 million annual average of the deal is an NFL record for his position.

Most importantly to the Bears, Harris is a dominant defensive tackle. He merely needs to put together an entire season to prove it beyond any doubt.

“He’s healthy now, and he’s got a lot of things behind him,” coach Lovie Smith said. “He can just really concentrate on being the best defensive tackle in football. Who knows exactly how good he can be when he plays in a complete season? We’re expecting him to do that.”

Harris, a three-time Pro Bowl selection, was lights-out at the start of the past two seasons. Combine the first eight games of 2006 and 2007, and Harris had 30 solo tackles, 12 sacks and three tackles for a loss.

Those are premier numbers for a defensive tackle, a position where players usually settle for occupying blockers so the defensive ends and linebackers can make plays. Harris’ singular athleticism allows him to do that and more.

“He’s probably as good as there is in this league at his position,” defensive line coach Brick Haley said. “You just expect the guy to be good. We’re happy to have him.”

Harris has had a harder time during the second half of the past two seasons.

A severe hamstring tear knocked him out for the final four games and the playoffs in 2006. He was slowing down a bit even before the injury, going seven games without a sack.

In 2007, Harris said, an early-season sprained knee ligament caught up with him as the games progressed. He had only one of his eight sacks in the final eight games.

But Harris takes issue with the notion that he wears down as a season goes along.

“I get cheap-shotted” by opposing blockers, he said, which takes a toll on his lower body.

Harris said he feels as good now as he has since the ’06 preseason. He expects to start fast and, this time, stay that way.

“We’re very proud of Tommie,” general manager Jerry Angelo said. “He is one of our signature players – somebody who represents us very well not only on the football field, but off the football field.”

Psalm 91

CHICAGO – DECEMBER 02, 2007: Tommie Harris #91 of the Chicago Bears prepares to face the New York Giants during warm-ups on December 2, 2007 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

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The Making of the Tommie Harris Nike Commercial

Check this out!


View the finished product @:


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Chicago Bears’ Tommie Harris Giving Back

Giving back to community suits former OU football players to a tee.

Galatians 6: 8-10

CHICAGO – JANUARY 14: Injured defensive tackle Tommie Harris of the Chicago Bears watches from the sidelines as his team takes on the Seattle Seahawks during their NFC Divisional Playoff game on January 14, 2007 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Seahawks 27-24. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

@ NEWSOK.COM powered by the Oklahoman


By Jake Trotter – Staff Writer

NORMAN — Teddy Lehman walked onto the first tee box and aligned the driver perfectly with the ball.He smoothly motioned the club back and then forward, whacking the ball all of about 2 inches.

The second annual Tommie Harris Celebrity Classic didn’t exactly woo Tiger Woods to Belmar Golf Club on Saturday.

Still, the weekend’s charity event featuring several ex-Sooners now in the NFL reeled in roughly $270,000 for both the Boys & Girls Club ofAmerica and the Tommie Harris Foundation, which raises funds to help prevent child abuse.

“I’ve always loved kids, always loved the Boys & Girls Club since I was in it myself,” said Harris, a standout while at Oklahoma who’s now an all-pro defensive tackle with the Chicago Bears. “When you get to the NFL, you should start a foundation and give back.”

Harris, however, isn’t the only one of his former teammates who have given back.

Last month in Norman, Mark Claytonheld his inaugural Mark Clayton Foundation Charity Weekend, which helped children and families within the foster care system.

Earlier this year, Roy Williamsannounced he would expand the Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation fromDallas to Oklahoma, which will assist low-income single mothers in the area.

Sooner alums in the NFL are giving their fans reasons to be proud.

“The nice thing about these guys is that they’re genuine and they want to make a difference,” said Harris‘ marketing agent, Bill Horn, who lives in Edmond. “They look forward to getting back together. They work so hard to help each other. You don’t always see that in the NFL.

“Also, they love Oklahoma. They all came from different parts of the country, so they’re not Oklahomans, but they’ve adopted Oklahoma as their second state and they love coming back and love the people.”

Many former Sooners played in Harris‘ golf tournament, including Williams of the Dallas Cowboys;Rufus Alexander of the Minnesota Vikings; Brodney Pool of the Cleveland Browns; C.J. Ah You of the St. Louis Rams; Dusty Dvoracek and Mark Bradley of the Bears; Davin Joseph, Donte Nicholson and Lehman of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; and Curtis Lofton of the Atlanta Falcons.

Several ex-Sooners now with the Baltimore Ravens, including Clayton, Chris Chester, Dan Cody,Kelly Gregg and Corey Ivy, were planning to participate until a Ravens minicamp practice was scheduled for this weekend. Money was also raised through a billiards tournament at Riverwind Casino late Saturday night as well as Friday’s auction, which featured prizes like a deep sea fishing excursion with Harris and a hunting trip with Williams.

“There’s such a good following from the university, and there’s a lot of players from there that it’s easy to bring all the old players back to go along with a big fan base that supports the different charities,” said Lehman, who won the Butkus Award as a star linebacker for OU.

That’s why many of these players hold charity events in the Oklahoma City area.

“It’s a trend,” said Harris, who grew up in Killeen, Texas. “It shows how much respect we have for our school, for our teammates and for Oklahoma.”

Thanks to the leadership of people like Harris, the trend is spreading, too.

“I think it’s a good thing,” said Nicholson, who was an All-Big 12 safety at OU. “I’m trying to work something out with Davin to start a non-profit foundation.

“It’s good when you can do things like this.”

  • I’m an active duty oficer, originally from Oklahoma, and it’s always good to see professional athletes whogive back to the community. It’s also good to see them and other famous personalities give a little something back to Soldiers, Marines and other service members and their families. Coach Stoops and Toby Keith come to mind. One thing I’ve found (having been in the Active Army for over 16 years) is that Okies, and especially OU fans, have a LOT of pride in their state andtheir team. In my assessment, only Alabama fans compare in the honorable support for their state and their football team especially.
    John, Waipahu – May 4, 2008 8:07 PM

  • Tommie Harris, and a few other NFL players came to visit the troops in Afghanistan a couple months ago. They were traveling around the country for a week. Its good to see these guys giving back to the community.
    Ben, Tampa – May 4, 2008 5:02 AM


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Brett Favre! Godfather of the NFL

Very sad to hear that the world of football will now be minus it’s Godfather! Brett Favre. What a player! What a guy! What a story! But we salute you and say thank you for some great moments. We’re so glad you played and contributed so much to the game. And I am really stoked and thankful we were able to see you play before you retired!



(And Tommie gets a shot at sackin’ ya again… ; =)

NEW UPDATE: Brett’s playing for the JETTS!

Hey, that’s ok. And I say, “That’s Green Bay’s loss…”

New York Jets

08/07 – Brett Favre was a spectator as the New York Jets opened up their preseason slate in Brett the Jet’s ‘Excited About the Opportunity’, 08/07

“BROADWAY BRETT!!” yes, Brett Favre is now a JET! « GretaWire

Well the Pack went and did it, as of tonight Brett is a NY Jett!!! Just like politics the people do not have a voice even when we pay the bills. 07/broadway-brett-yes-brett-favre-is-now-a-jet/

We had the great pleasure of being invited by Tommie Harris to travel to Green Bay and see him and the Chicago Bears take on (…AND BEAT, of course…) the Green Bay Packers on October 7, 2007.  GO BEARS!  This was the game Brett Favre threw for 424 touchdowns, setting one more record. Wow! Actually, I think he set several records during this game. Tommie was with the team, focusing on the game, but he managed to grab some dinner with us at the hotel before the game. After dinner we went to the game with Bill Horn, Tommie’s Publicity Agent, and sat with some of Tommie’s friends, which included his pastor from Chicago. It was a blessing to meet and enjoy the game with them! Great guys! It was a clutch time, for sure! The atmosphere was incredible, the Green Bay fans were fun and friendly… it was good times and amazing to be at such a legendary place. And man, do the Green Bay fans love Brett! Don’t we all! Watching Brett run out on that field was absolutely surreal! The whole experience was surreal.

Tommie told me, a couple of weeks before this game, that Brett was one of the only QBs he ‘had NOT’ sacked! And he was able to sack him twice in this game. Bret & his Packers played a tough game, and Brett was his usual amazing self, but my Bears prevailed and Tommie’s play was ‘clutch!’ It was an exciting, ‘edge-of-your-seat ‘ game to the last second. Here are just a few photos of our memorable trip. Hope you enjoy! And Tommie, thanks, we love you and will never forget it!



(Wonder what will become of Brett’s place, now that he’s a Jett?)




(#4 & Brett Favre t-shirts EVERYWHERE!

Greenbay, you just lost ALOT of Revenue…)







What a stadium! What an atmosphere!



…Stoked to see Brett in the flesh…

wish I had gotten a photo of Tommie sacking him…






In the Choctaw language there is no word for good bye.
So I’ll just say ‘see ya around’ Brett!
Thanks for waiting to retire until after I got to see you play!
Thanks for the memories! We’re sure gonna miss ya!
And enjoy your retirement!

Post Note: Hey, Brett… I’m all for you coming back! And would travel to see you no matter where you played. But, if you don’t wear the green and yellow, I’d love to see you in Chicago. Don’t think it will happen, but one can wish it were so.

Packers Favre Football

POST POST NOTE: Hey, Brett! Guess you’re rested now…glad you got the time to re-focus… and sorry you aren’t starting with the Bears. But hey, welcome back! It wouldn’t have been the same without you!


POST POST POST NOTE: Hey, we’ll get enough rest when we’re dead! Brett Favre is BACK and now the QB for the NEW YORK JETS!   Wow! Madden has a lot of re-printing to do.

brett-favre-madden-nfl-09_gbYa know, I always wanted to see New York….



brett_favre_jetsTO BE CONTINUED, I’M SURE!

UPDATE: Brett…. You’re the bomb!  A STAR!


You continue to “rightfully own” your well earned title:  The Godfather of the NFL. And the beat goes on!

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Paying it Forward: The 2007 Persons of the Year

The news is always full of all the “bad stuff” happening in our world.  How about some of the “good stuff” that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention, if any at all, from most of the media!  I say BRAVO, guys!  And hey folks, as you read this, don’t just sit back and applaud them.  Please try to look around and find a situation or a life where YOU can do something to make a difference.  Pay it FORWARD!    Here’s the great article!  Thanks, Mr. Imrem!

It’s time to honor ‘The Other Athlete’
By Mike Imrem | Daily Herald Columnist
Published: 12/26/2007 4:55 AM

OK, it’s time to recognize my 2007 Person of the Year: “The Other Athlete.”  Too often we overlook him amid the rubble that is pro sports.

The media — including this space — tend to focus on the bad behavior that transforms the image of athletes from famous to infamous.

You know, the ones who become the deadbeat dads, drunk drivers, recreational drug abusers, gunslingers, barroom brawlers, promoters of dog fighting …

Baseball alone has the Mitchell Report, and the game’s best pitcher of our time issuing video denials on his Web site, and the best hitter of our time indicted on perjury and obstruction of justice charges.

Nearly every day last NFL off-season, Commissioner Roger Goodell felt he had to suspend a player for breaking rules or laws.

There are enough NHL goons and NBA loons and NFL louts and MLB losers to make it seem all athletes are creeps or criminals.

Ain’t so, folks.

While it’s tempting to judge the whole by the worst among them, no brush is wide enough to paint all athletes with one broad stroke.

As in society overall, the society of sports has more good people than bad despite what the bloody headlines indicate on most days.

Heck, sometimes the alleged evil-doer and alleged do-gooder co-exist within the same person.

ESPN aired a feature this week on San Diego Chargers all-pro linebacker Shawne Merriman, who was disgraced last season by being suspended for using performance enhancers.

Well, the ESPN piece centered on Merriman also being the man who helped a family rebuild after their home was destroyed in a Southern California wildfire.

Bad guy, good guy, same guy.

Athletes aren’t simple, one-dimensional, cardboard characters. Most are as complex as the rest of us, capable of performing both commendable and condemnable acts in and out of the workplace.

Yet we tend to emphasize the negative because it’s more sensational and, let’s face it, the decent, solid, law-abiding citizen is taken for granted.

Today, here, he isn’t because that “Other Athlete” is my 2007 Person of the Year.

Several times every week, e-mails arrive publicizing a local athlete who has done something positive in the community.

This being football season, recent messages have been mostly about the Bears: The entire franchise contributing to the USO, Tommie Harris and Devin Hester supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, Charles Tillman being named the team’s nominee for the NFL’s “Walter Payton Man of the Year” service award.

I usually delete the messages without even opening them. I’m more inclined to open the sports pages to read about what athlete was arrested for what on that given day.

But many Bears, Cubs, White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks give of themselves routinely. So do Fire, Wolves, Cougars and Flyers.

They donate money, devote time and lend names to worthy causes. They drop off Thanksgiving turkeys to underprivileged families, distribute Christmas gifts to needy children and collect winter coats for the homeless. They aid battered women, advocate literacy and speak to school classes.

These “Other Athletes” have forums the rest of us don’t have and many — maybe most — embrace the opportunity to serve.

These men don’t get enough credit for being the positive role models they are.

That alone is enough to make them my 2007 “Person of the Year” before they fade back into the background.

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Why Am I Posting Football Related Items on a Native American Art Blog?

1. I love Football. It exactly equals my love of Art.

2. Football is a necessity of life. Neither man, nor I, could exist without some of the basic necessities of life: water, food, faith and football.

3. Playing football IS an Art, so therefore qualifies as art related!”

4. Simply speaking – IN A NUTSHELL: Tommie Harris, a Defensive Tackle for the Chicago Bears is my favorite all-time player (…along with the very awesome godfather of NFL football, Brett Favre…). Tommie is also one of my favorite people in the entire world. He is the MASTER SACKMEISTER and therefore deserves this recognition for his contribution to the sport I love.

5. My football posts will mainly be related to Tommie Harris because he is “family,” adopted in the Indian way, and I want to share what a special person & player he is. I want you to know more about him and that there is much more to this guy than just football.

6. Most importantly, I want to share, support & promote the Tommie Harris Foundation which is an extremely worthwhile cause, dedicated to raising funds for the purpose of inspiring hope, enriching kids lives and building a better future for our children. The Tommie Harris Foundation supports worthwhile organizations such as Feed The Children, Boys & Girls Clubs, Prevent Child Abuse America and many more youth enrichment programs. You can learn more about Tommie’s foundation at

7. Because it is my blog and I get to talk about what I want to talk about. ;=)

8. And finally, because I know that the more you know about Tommie Harris, the more you will be blessed. And my goal with this Art Blog is for you to be blessed!

Boomer Sooner! GO BEARS! And thank God for good family, art and pow wows in the off-season summer months which help keep my mind busy and off the fact that there is NO FOOTBALL to watch.

TOMMIE HARRIS Defensive Tackle Chicago Bears #91





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Chicago Bears Tommie Harris Named Recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award

LAKE FOREST, Ill. – Defensive tackle Tommie Harris on Thursday was named the Bears’ recipient of the 2007 Ed Block Courage Award. The prestigious award is presented to one player on all 32 NFL teams who best exemplifies a commitment to sportsmanship and courage and serves as an inspiration in the locker room.The recipients of the award, who are voted on by their teammates, symbolize professionalism, great strength and dedication, and they are considered community role models.

“It’s good to announce Tommie Harris as the Ed Block Courage Award winner,” said coach Lovie Smith. “He does a lot in the community. It’s good to see how he came back from a major injury also and is having a good season for us right now.”

Harris has recovered from a hamstring injury that forced him to miss the last four games of the 2006 regular season and the playoffs to lead the team in sacks with a career-high seven in the first half of the 2007 season. Harris has 12 sacks dating back to last season, tied with Warren Sapp for most in the NFL by a defensive tackle during that time span.

“Tommie’s a very fine young man,” said Patrick McCaskey, Bears’ senior director of special projects. “He’s very deserving of the Ed Block Courage Award. He has worked very diligently and assiduously to recover from his injury from last season. He’s playing through injuries this season. He certainly is very courageous.”

Ed Block was a long-time head trainer with the Baltimore Colts who was a pioneer in his field. The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation promotes the prevention of child abuse by raising awareness of the epidemic and assisting agencies that provide for the care and treatment of abused children in communities throughout the NFL.

The Ed Block Courage Award has been given annually to a player on each team in the NFL since 1984. Current Bears who have won the award include quarterback Rex Grossman (2006), guard Ruben Brown (2005), guard Roberto Garza (2004 with Atlanta), wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad (2000 with Carolina), assistant defensive backs coach Gill Byrd (1988 with San Diego) and linebackers coach Hardy Nickerson (1992 with Pittsburgh and 1999 with Tampa Bay).



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Four Things…

“The world is supported by four things:
the learning of the wise, the justice of the great,
the prayers of the good, and the valor of the brave.”

Inscribed on a 15th century Spanish University.

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Tommie Harris is a WARRIOR.

Tommie Harris Wants to Stop Gun Violence

NFL teams don’t usually take stands on controversial issues, so it was a little surprising to look at the Chicago Bears’ official web site today and see that the main headline is “Harris on a Mission to Stop Gun Violence.”

The accompanying article, about Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris, says he was moved to act after watching TV news accounts of Chicago Public School students who were shot and killed:

“I have a love for children and that really hurt me to see,” Harris said. “It’s sad to know that a young person doesn’t get a chance to live his life out. I feel if more people can voice their opinions or get stuff done, then a change will come.”

Harris is encouraging those who live in neighborhoods that are plagued by gun violence to email his foundation at to offer their input about how he can help.

If none of that sounds to you like “taking a stand on a controversial issue,” you have to understand the extent to which the National Rifle Association opposes famous people who support common-sense measures to curb gun violence. Panthers quarterback Vinny Testaverde and former NFL players Keyshawn Johnson and Doug Flutie are all on the NRA’s list of anti-gun celebrities for no reason other than speaking out in support of efforts to prevent gun violence.

Harris can expect to be added to that list. Good for him.

Link to Article


A personal note from Cheryl: I will be writing more about Tommie. He is someone very dear to my heart. And just know this about Tommie. He’s the REAL DEAL!

If used for the right purpose, guns are not a bad thing. Native Americans and others have used firearms to provide food for their people for years. I grew up around guns because I belong to a family that hunts. My grandfather was a dog trader & trainer. He trained top-of-the-line hunting dogs and people traveled long distances to buy dogs from him for hunting. And my grandmother hunted more than my grandfather ever did. It put food on the table. Guns were common place in my life. So, having been raised around guns, I have always had a healthy respect for guns and knew their danger from an early age. I know how to use guns properly and have been through training. I believe in the right to bear arms. Our country was built on that right. So don’t even try to take my gun away from me… I want to maintain my right to have a gun, thank you very much. But I also believe in trying to keep guns out of the wrong hands. This may be naive of me, but I can see people in the public spotlight uniting in some way with the NRA, finding common ground and solutions to the violent world our kids are growing up in. Perhaps Tommie can help initiate this. Too many are dying too young. Let’s find the answers together, be it more extensive education, compromised regulation or alternative programs of engagement for our youth that help build character and open up their horizons… and hopefully “together” we can bring an end to all this unnecessary violence.

Please visit Tommie’s website at to find out more about how you can help support his foundation! Let’s all get engaged to help make this world a better place! Our kids are worth investing in!


Eyes of Hope by Cheryl Davis © 1988


When you look into the eyes of a child,

you see… the Creator.


See that you do not look down

on one of these little ones. For I tell you

that their angels in heaven always

see the face of my Father in heaven.

Matthew 18:10

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All Things Come Full Circle


Within the Circle of Life by Cheryl Davis © 1992

Nothing is hidden.

All thought and actions are seen and heard.

All things effect those around us and our relationships with them.

Can one say they believe in the spirit world,

but then act as if it does not apply to them.


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